Silence is golden

Originally I tried hard to keep an SPS system silent.  I used a Bean Animal overflow, soundproofing material in the stand, and all equipment was chosen thinking of noise first.  It worked pretty well when everything was perfect, but sometimes algae would grow in the overflow causing a trickling noise.  Sometimes the skimmer would overflow causing a splashing sound.  Sometimes a snail would get behind a powerhead causing a rattle, etcetera, etcetera.  There really was no way to make it perfectly silent all the time and that is what I needed.  Eventually, it came down to a choice.  

1.  I could keep the system as it was, but move it out of the central living area into my home office.  
2.  I could adapt my vision of my reef to make it dead silent all the time.

I decided that I would much rather have a slightly different reef that I got to see all the time, than having my ideal reef that I don't see as often.

That brings rise to the new system.  
1.  No skimmer
2.  No sump
3.  No reactors

It will have a canister filter for Carbon (and phosban if its needed), a Tunze powerhead for flow, and soft corals/sponges to absorb nutrients.   I will also do a 20% water change monthly, and I will test and dose Alk/CA/Mag as needed.   I love tech so it will also have an Apex but those are quiet.  

This is not a new concept, but it is new to me.  Here are a couple notable long-lived tanks that ran in a similar way:
Below I will list some of my findings as I go through the transition.  This is mainly for me but will be refined later to help people who might want to try the same thing.

I'm about a week from the conversion.  I'm finding that I don't like the very blue light that worked with the SPS system so well.  I'm currently running all Coral Plus tubes but I'm not totally set on that yet.  
The system is very much going through a transition.  Nutrients test low, but I'm getting algae on the glass twice a day.  The corals are in shock, only opening half way but visibly getting better every day.  My system was very sterile before, with few sponges, and very little life other than the corals.  It may have a long way to go before it shifts gears with little mouths rather than a huge skimmer to take up organics.  I got some Zoas, Toadstool, kenya Tree, and BTA but I will hold off on getting further corals until everything settles in.

I'm currently using Aquablue Special and Atinic 03 bulbs by ATI.  For now I'm happy with the look.  My corals are settling in nicely, and starting to open further and further in the new system.  The BTA is wandering a bit trying to find the perfect spot.  Although P04 is climbing, last test was 0.1 now were at 0.2, the Algae on the glass is growing more slowly.  I'm tempted to use GFO but I have not yet, if the softies can consume the phosphate instead it would be far better.  I am shocked at how fast the two pavonas are growing, faster than Monti.  They look much healthier with the new tank setup.