10G Nano Reef

Tank Overview

This is a basic setup of my 10G Nano Reef. Links to subpages with more detailed information will be throughout this document.

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  • The tank is a JBJ Cuby 10G, it has Starfire Glass and I've built a custom enclosure for it.

  • The back section has a Biocube 2 skimmer, and a small fuge using a submersible light.

  • Light is provided by an AI Nano, it runs 10 hours per day at about 30W.

  • Flow is provided by the stock return, and a Tunze Nanostream 6040 with battery backup.

  • Control is provided by an Apex Classic.

  • Fans cool the tank, and a small 50W heater in the back heats it.

  • ATO is done by the Apex and has pressure switch by Avast controlling the normal level.

  • Parameters are as follows:

    • Alk 8.0

    • CA 420

    • Temp 76.5 to 77.5

    • Phosphate is between 0.08 and 0.15

    • Nitrate is below 5

    • PH is 8.0-8.3

  • I dose with Tropic Marine All for Reef to maintain CA/ALK using a Drews Doser.

  • I use Tropic Marine salt, and do monthly water changes.