This is my entry for the Premium Aquatics Full Tank Shot Contest

A little about my system:

My User name is Wiskey on My real name is James.

This system is about a year and a half old now. I've been reef keeping for about 15 Years.

Tank size: 75 Gallon

Sump Size: 29 Gallon

Skimmer: Bubble Magnus Curve 5

Other Filtration: I use a Fuge in the sump on a backwards light schedule. Sometimes I use a sponge to polish the water.

Cooling: Fans run by my controller.

Lighting: 4x54W Tek T5 retrofit kit, along with 2 banks of 25 DIY 3W LED's with 90 degree lenses.

CA Supplementation: I use a Korallin CA reactor along with Kalk in my topoff container.

Flow: I use a Tunze 6105, and a Tunze 6040, along with an Iwakia return of about 500GPH.

Control: I use an APEX controller. It maintains temp, PH, Topoff, Lights, wave control along with safety fail safes like leak detection and high water detection.

The thing I love most about my tank is that it just "Clicks". We've all had tanks that never seem to hit their stride, this one did for me right out of the gate, and I love that. I've had little issues I had to counter, but over all it's been very good to me.



Growth Shot:

This shows my tanks progress since the beginning in a slideshow type image:


Coral Shots: