Silent mixed reef

This page was messed up due to a Google Sites migration. I'm going to leave it for people viewing my YouTube video to have the info, but I won't be able to fix it for a bit.

1. Originally this tank was setup as a SPS reef. This had fans and high rates of flow and caused fights. Here is what it looked like then:

2. Then it went to a dead silent reef, no sump, no skimmer, just softies and a canister filter. This proved not quiet enough to keep in the main room because there was always some snail that would get behind a pump and cause a little rattle or something:

3. Now, it's been moved into my office, closed off from the rest of the house. This has ended the fights. Here is what it looks like now:

I missed having the tank in my main room, so I setup a webcam in the office and put the video feed right next to my spot on the couch. It is great! And as an added bonus I setup the firewall to allow my work's public IP access, and put the tank up on my 3rd monitor at work, and get to watch it all day long.